Microbiology unknown lab report serratia marcescens

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Unknown Lab Report

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Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing: Selected Indications

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Bergen Community College Division of Mathematics, Science and Technology 13 Turn in Unknown 29, 30, 31, 9 Read lab 34 and 35 Gram Stain 14 Lab Practical** Serratia marcescens Pseudomonas aeruginosa Proteus vulgaris Micrococcus luteus Klebsiella pneumonia Escherichia coli.

Guide to the Identification of an Unknown Bacterium – Methods and Report Format pg.

Pathogen Safety Data Sheets: Infectious Substances – Serratia spp.

1 A standard part of nearly all lab courses in introductory microbiology is an activity wherein the student must use everything that has been learned in the course to identify and. Serratia marcescens. Unknown Microbiology.

Identifying Unknown Bacterium-Guide.

Investigation: Bacteria

Unknown Identification Report. Finals Assign 1 - S. Epidermidis. Microbiology Unknown Lab Report. Enviado por. furban Example of Bacteria Sample Testing Lab Report. Enviado por.

sushisleeper. Lab Report. Enviado por. fwagner1. May 31,  · The unknown culture #31 was found to be Serratia marcescens. Its striking feature was its production of red pigment observable on H 2 S test tubes. A schema diagram of how I identified the unknown is at the end of this report.

BIO L – Microbiology Gram+ Dichotomous Key WI Gram + (Blue- purple) Morphology Coccus Rods Serratia marcescens Proteus vulgasris Proteus mirabilis SIM - Sulfur + Black ppt -No Black ppt Microbiology Lab 8 and 9 Dichotomous Key for Lab Exercises 45, 46,

Microbiology unknown lab report serratia marcescens
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