Book report ghost soldier

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Ghost Soldiers - book review

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Ghost Soldiers is a remarkable book by a remarkable author. Hampton Sides brings to life the courage and strength of the POWs from the U.S. and other countries in the face of shocking atrocities by the Japanese in the Philippines during WWII/5().

The ghost of a young soldier from the Civil War haunts a troubled teen. Comment Report abuse. Suzanna. out of 5 stars Juvenile fiction, but I loved it! September 14, The book Ghost soldier is about a boy named Alexander.

Him and his dad are going to North Caroline/5(20).


Ghost Soldiers is an enthralling, deeply disturbing look at the horrors of war. It is impossible to read this book without wondering uneasily how you, the reader, would respond if forced to undergo the monstrous trials described with such immediacy by Hampton Sides.

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The book Ghost Soldiers, is an emotional roller coaster ride with three different stories more or less meshed into one.

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Emotionally this book delves into graphic detail of the truly disgusting atrocities committed over and over again by many Japanese soldiers and Japanese police against both prisoners of war and civilians of all nationalities and races that came under their control.

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Book report ghost soldier
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